The Montgomery Klash design philosophy is based on creating timeless, intimate spaces that reflect the client’s individuality while honoring the architecture and environment.  Our full-service, residential firm specializes in designing homes that are easy to live in, inspiring, relaxing and family-oriented. We are able to assist with every phase of the process or provide a la carte services based on our client’s needs.

Over the years, many of our clients have asked us to work with them as they’ve gone through the home buying process.  After a number of successful consultations, Montgomery Klash has launched a separate service to address individual properties.  We work with realtors and home buyers to provide insight into remodeling options and costs. We share design concepts and help to prioritize short and long term projects.  Our clients find this program has been helpful to their decision making process when deciding among multiple properties or taking a leap of faith on a large, long term fixer upper project.